MillieModels successfully demonstrates Haptic Glove Simulation


Press Release
MillieModels successfully demonstrates Haptic Glove Simulation

Huntsville company was asked to perform a “proof of principle” for 3-D Maintenance Training and Display System. Huntsville, Alabama – : In a proof of principle demonstration of 3-D technology to the Apache Project Office, PEO Aviation, MillieModels, a local Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Huntsville, AL, successfully demonstrated the new potential of 3D technology using an Alioscopy Autostereoscopic monitor and Cyber Glove haptic glove.

In an almost science fiction fashion, Donathan Hutchings, Chief Operations Officer and designer of the training simulation, used a cyber touch haptic glove with sensors, a no-glasses 3D Alioscopy 42”monitor, a Microsoft K inect system, and a custom built computer to show a proof of principle training simulation to members of the Army’s PEO Aviation Department at Redstone Arsenal. Attendees witnessed Mr. Hutchings manipulate a 3D M-TADS/PNVS with the cyber touch haptic glove. One of the guests expressed surprise that this presentation was a proof of principle and not a final product and asked how long it would take to field this project to the Army school houses.IMG_1a1IMG_2a1

PEO Aviation, responding to cost reduction efforts, had approached MillieModels’ CEO, Richard Langsmith, to investigate the possibility of training Army mechanics working on the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pi lot Night Vision Sensor (M-TADS/PNVS) unit (Apache) in an immersive 3D setting instead of the traditional classroom or in the field, thus lessening the cost of training. After six months of design and development of the 3D Maintenance Trainer And Display System (3DMTADS), the demonstration was successful. When asked about the positive feedback received from those in attendance of the demonst ration, Mr. Langsmith commented, “Our success at the demo to the Army just goes to prove again th e worth of small business in the Huntsville community. We were told multiple times that what we were doing was impossible. the proof stands for itself.”

Huntsville has always been on the cutting edge of technology and 3D technology was furthered enhanced with the successful demonstration of a 3D no –glasses Alioscopy monitor, a Cyber Touch haptic glove, a Kinect system, a custom built computer and MillieModels, a small company that does the impossible. The Technology and Demo can be seen at MillieModels offices in Huntsville Al.
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