Armored The Art of War Press Release

Armored The Art OF War announces release date and funding opportunity.
Armored Press Release text follows
Monday July 1, 2013
Monday July 1, 2013 (Huntsville Alabama) Langsmith Enterprises LLC CEO announced the Release date for the alpha deck of Armored – The Art of War. “And there shall be wars and rumors of wars.”
In Mr. Langsmith’s comments he stated, “Today war is a persistent part of every human’s life. Everyone is affected by war. The military industrial complex weaves a net of lethality the world has never seen the likes of. Financial war on every front, currency is the bullet of the social elite. Race wars, religious wars, gang wars, so we enter the minds of the commander on the ground.”
Designed by Richard Langsmith, Armored – The Art of War is a simple card game rife with knowledge, incorporating Military doctrine and maneuvers into an entirely new breed of card game. Utilizing past, present and future Military weapons, equipment and men to wage war against their opponent to either total victory or humbling defeat, players will be required to learn and understand the tactical underpinnings of war as they take the place of the commander on the ground in this highly anticipated game of combat and skill. Based on accurate US Army doctrine, all aspects of the military decision making processes are encompassed; from combat troops to medics, logistics and even finance will add intricate layers to the game for advanced players and quick combat bonuses described in detail for beginners.
Players will pit themselves against the tactical wizardry of their opponent as they attempt to annihilate enemy forces, turn after turn of maneuver, till at the last moment when they will have the advantage or be cannon fodder as their opponents troops roll over their decimated emplacements. Armored is designed for 2 players on a tabletop or map in the alpha release, and will accommodate larger teams in later rules modifications. Each player has a minimum of three rows and 5 columns that are active within the game. It is within these rows that assets are maneuvered onto the playing field. It is on this grid that players assert their will – advancing, retreating and evading their opponent, till someone is humbled. Players will have the freedom to change tactics on the fly; attacking or escaping depending on the situation.
Wanting to express as much realism and Historical accuracy, our R&D team came to us with the idea of immortalizing real life veterans on the cards with their stories, each one giving advantage to players through the reenactment of their heroic stands, their line in the sand. Mr. Langsmith stated, “The Armored team will ensure the next generation knows the names and deeds of these great men and women.”
Armored – The Art of War is scheduled for an alpha release in Jan of 2014, the roll out will begin in Huntsville Alabama. Initial roll out will be to contributors who helped fund it on Kickstarter, web stores, Gaming conventions and hobby/comic shops. Decks for Navy, Marines and Air Force are planned as well as Russia and China.
About Langsmith Enterprises
Founded in 2011, Langsmith Enterprises is an independent game development studio based in Woodville Alabama. The Studio was formed by Richard Langsmith CEO of MillieModels, an animation and Simulation Company. Langsmith Enterprises is the global leader in Autostereoscopic Haptic integration for simulation and gaming.


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